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  • Inventor of Realize’s Technology
  • Mike received his first chemistry set when he was 10 and has loved science ever since.
  • Mike enjoys exercising, coffee, playing pool, cooking and problem solving.

Mike Heller, PhD

CEO & Cofounder

  • Tommy has had a passion to grow companies since the age of 15 when he started his first business, an event rental company.
  • Tommy enjoys skiing, hiking and reading self-improvement books.

Tommy Pavlica

COO & Cofounder

  • Garrett enjoys hanging out with his cat Ms Bigglesworth and propagating new plants.

Garrett Wheaton

Director of Manufacturing & Compliance

  • Mayra loves crafting, reading, audiobooks, cycling around town, gardening and power walking with her dog Roxy.

Mayra Concepcion

Community Development Coordinator

  • Luke enjoys video games, camping, reading, hiking, cooking and playing the guitar.

Luke Dickinson

Business Development

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