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About Us


Enhancing world-wide wellness through innovative cannabis products.

Our main intent is to promote level headed wellness, and make it easy for any and all to integrate the benefits of CBD into their life.


We created a unique process for encapsulating cannabinoids into nanoparticles, so that you can mix CBD into liquids, foods and various formulations. Our CBD powder is so high-tech, not only will it leave your product still tasting and feeling the same, but it works faster, is more absorbable, and lasts longer. Check out the stats:

  • CBD effects in 15 minutes
  • Absorbed 100x more effectively into your body
  • Effects of cannabinoids stay within the bloodstream longer than 8 hours

Dedication to Providing

We believe in our product, and you can too knowing that it's manufactured at clean room facilities using strict manufacturing standards.

We’d like to see as many people as we can benefit from the effects of our water-soluble CBD powder.

We test our products three times before sending to you! We do this to ensure you are receiving the exact amount of CBD on the label.


We use US-grown hemp and organic materials to create nanoparticles that actually dissolve in water. As much as we all love CBD oil, water and oil will never want to mix! We created a high tech solution to that law of nature, so that you can quickly and easily incorporate CBD into your life, and start seeing the benefits.

Quick, effective, reliable. We’ve spent years researching and formulating the best products and that is what we offer to you. We have taken our technology through preclinical testing with the sole reason to determine if and how effective our product is for you!

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