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Consumers might be wasting money buying certain CBD products, here’s why

Consumers might be wasting money buying certain CBD products, here’s why

Let’s face it: CBD products are expensive. Consumers are paying $1.50 to $2.50 per dose (25 mg) of CBD gummies or tinctures [1]. Recommended regimens of two to three doses every day can cost consumers $1000 to $1800 a year. The truth is the majority of CBD that is consumed is being flushed down the toilet. Literally, it is failing to absorb into the body and ends up getting excreted. This is why it’s important for consumers to purchase CBD from a company that uses a formula for maximum CBD absorption, saving consumers from wasting money on less effective products.

The rate and proportion that cannabinoids like CBD and THC absorb into the bloodstream directly influence the efficacy of the product and the consumer experience. Research shows that only 4-12% of the cannabinoids (CBD/THC) in edibles reach the bloodstream [2]. That means if a consumer is spending $1800 on CBD products, they may only be getting $216 of their money’s worth at best. 

The good news is the absorption of CBD (and THC) can be improved by using formulas or drug delivery systems that promote digestion and absorption. Fats and oils, known as lipids, can improve the ability of your body to digest CBD and promote absorption. Tinctures are a product made with lipids, typically MCT oil or olive oil, that can promote the absorption of CBD. Another simple way to enhance the absorption of CBD is to take it while eating a fatty meal, like ice cream [10,15]. 

More advanced technologies have been developed that can increase the absorption of CBD several times over. Micelle and liposome technology are ways of coating and stabilizing tiny CBD droplets to make them absorb more efficiently into the bloodstream. CBD products made with these technologies are beginning to emerge on the market, typically labeled as “nano” or “water-soluble” products. 

Realize Inc. conducted a third party study to measure how much CBD was being absorbed into the bloodstream for different types of CBD; pure CBD (CBD isolate), a CBD olive oil tincture, and a CBD product made with micelle technology. The findings of the study showed that the olive oil tincture absorbed 4.3x more CBD than CBD alone and the CBD product made using micelle technology absorbed 100x more CBD than CBD alone.

If consumers want to get the best value out of their CBD products, they need to research CBD companies before buying and look for products made using micelle or liposome technologies. 

3 Things to look for when buying a CBD product:

  1. Keywords on a company’s website or product packaging such as: enhanced absorption, improved bioavailability, fast-acting, liposomal, micelle, nano or water-soluble.
  2. Validated studies that measure the absorption of CBD or other cannabinoids. An example can be found here.
  3. A Certificate of Analysis (COA) that confirms the amount of CBD or other cannabinoids in the product. An example can be found here.

See the original article at The Marijuana Times

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